Ready Ingredients & Recipes Delivered for Slow Cookers & One-pan Meals – Pantry Boy

how it works

Pantry Boy Stress free meals

"What's for dinner?" is no longer a stressful fight. We come up with delicious and well-balanced recipes every week for you.

Pantry Boy 100% prepped

We source farm-fresh ingredients first and 100% chop, prep & pack according to your box plan recipe options.

Pantry Boy Free Delivery

We conveniently deliver your refrigerated box option to your doorstep every week, so you can ditch the grocery & takeout lines.

Panyry Boy slow or fast

Simply open your ready ingredients and toss them in a Slow Cooker or Stove-Top cooking method of your own choice. 

Pantry Boy effortless meals

Every time you put delicious home cooked meals on the dinner table effortless while saving timemoney.



Pantry Boy convenience


It's simple in every aspect. What a great solution for my husband and family for the entire duration that I will be deployed. – Melissa, TN

Pantry Boy Fast & Simple

It was outstanding! We used the slow cooking method and it literally took 8 minutes to prepare, the slow cooker did the rest. – Renee, AR

Pantry Boy Fresh & Delicious

The recipes & ingredients were super easy & fresh. I highly recommend this service for people who are busy but still like to eat healthy. – Justina, FL