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how it works

Pantry Boy Prepped Pantry Boy Free Shipping Pantry Boy make it slow or fast
We chop, prep & portion all farm-fresh ingredients using our weekly delicious recipes then place them in an insulated box.
We conveniently deliver it to your doorstep. You avoid the pain of what to eat each night as well as grocery & takeout lines.
You simply toss your ingredients into the Slow Cookers or Stove Top Preparation. Experience new & delicious meals.

Get Pantryboy Free Slow Cooker

Set schedule ahead or skip weeks as needed.
Seasonal recipes for Slow Cooker or Gourmet Cooking options.

No need to be home, the box stays cold all day.


Pantry Boy Prepped Pantry Boy Prepped Pantry Boy Prepped
We love it! So easy to keep up with kids’ after school programs! Best part we don’t have to surrender to unhealthy takeouts. – Kate
Thanks Pantry Boy! You gave a whole new meaning to my family. This is exactly what we needed with our busy lifestyle. – Maryann
No chopping & prepping required! Just saved on time and money! Now, THIS IS an upgraded grocery and cooking experience! – Ken